Other Essences

by Flattery

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released January 3, 2020

Songs written/performed by Anna Fuller
"In the Night" co-written by Gabe Jimenez-Ekman
Drums on "In the Night" and "No Way Out" by Gus Chial, thank you to Andrew Perelman for recording the drums
See individual tracks for specific track credits

Produced by Gabe Jimenez-Ekman and Anna, extra thanks to Gabe for most of the mixing and for working on this so much with me

Mastered by Frida Claeson Johansson

Album art by Daniela Grande

Thanks to Gabe, Andrew, Gus, Jake, Daniela, and all those who listened to my demos

Listen on Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/3sU2EJRkgWQ32YiX6AMV9x


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Flattery Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: In the Night
How I forgot I never could tell
I thought you were gone
Thought it wouldn’t work out
We climb up the stairs
Want to go somewhere that
I know
We’re outside
Turn out your light
So I can’t see you
And in the night it won’t feel right
All in the glass
Is all I have
My memories of
We’re outside
Turn out your light
You’re not important
I wanted to be close to you
I talked to your friend
Said that we’d meet again but
Now I’m alone
A stranger in my home
It’s gone
Track Name: Quiet
Had somewhere to be
A space to happily breathe
All I heard
Silent words
“You don’t say much”
“You don’t say much”
Fell into a dream
With you it’s all I can see
Say goodbye
In the Night
Say goodbye
In the Night
Tell me once
Tell me twice
Track Name: No Way Out
Not on your mind
Spent too much time
Had nothing to say I
Had nothing to say
No way out
Shut it down
All I want
Shut you out
You only exist
As an abstract wish
It’s just what I wanted
It’s just what I wanted
If it was you I can’t get thru
Track Name: Devotion
Look out the window
Mirror image
Fell from your tightrope
Twisted vision
How can I stay here
How can I stay here
All day
Dressed in linen
Bless the image
Of your idol
Hall of devotion
Sweetened sickness
Guides the motion
When I go back there
When I go back there
I’ll wait
Fresh from the garden
Your projection
Holds up the mirror
To perfection
Track Name: Every Answer
Every answer seemed to disappear
It’s a whisper that you’ll never hear
Such devotion to your simple stage
What’s a whisper in the eyes of fate
Out of my sight, out of my mind
You’ll stay
Into my mind, out of my life
No way
Out of my sight, out of my mind
No way
Into my mind, out of my life
Every last word of your altered prayer
It’s a secret that you’ll never share
Just a fragment of adjusted states
What’s a secret in the eyes of fate
Track Name: Shadow
It wouldn’t go away
We’d see it every day
The comforts of a daze
The power of a phase
And if there was a way
To see what you could say
To have another day
It’s always locked inside the shadows that you left behind
I wanna hear the echoes in my mind
And all I wanna do is stay behind and be with you
It vanishes a second just too soon
And after all this time it’s still behind the silver lights
I wanted to forget that I had tried
And as I fall asleep it comforts me until I see
The vestiges of what it used to be
After all is said and done it stays
Not enough to let it go away
Track Name: Begin
Draw the line
Hold us back from starting the ending
Starting the ending
Don't move on
There are things I wanted to tell you
Wanted to tell you
Heard that you
Sweep away the ashes and embers
Did you remember?
Don't want to
Pack it up and leave it forever
Leave it forever
To fall to win it all begins
You'll like it here alone
It slowly slips in silence on the stone
And when the slate falls into place
And settles by your side
The subtle shape's reflected in your eyes
Track Name: See You Tomorrow
Watch as the last of the lights
Fall to the back of my mind
It felt alright at the time
It felt alright at the time
When the reflection was gone
I would keep moving along
I would be out on my own
Slip through the gaps in the stone
Stay here and wait by yourself
Wait here for somebody else
Said you can leave if you must
Too hard to see through the dust
I couldn’t say if I knew
How hard it is to get through
But something in memory’s view
Rewrote the image of you

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